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interior project


The furniture installation to create a cozy, comfortable space for employees in an enterprise.


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the concept.


We always believe that a comfortable working place is the best way to enhance the coherence in an enterprise. Of course, it must be approval by the brand owner.

Doing business with retail shop, sometimes, the customers will be thinking to seek for our help to rearrange the planmap of their office and factory. This time, we get the request to bring style and function into their employees’ dormitory, a place where people can have a warm dinner, chat to each other, or just watch an exciting baseball game.

Generally speaking, this is a big empty space, and we have to separate it into a gathering lobby + an opening kitchen with a dinning table. There is nothing special, just to create a cozy and comfortable space for their employee for after work time.

Considering the maintenance, we choose PVC leather for sofa, clear coating applied onto the dining tabletop, and artificial marble for kitchen. There are also refrigerators, washing basin, microwave, kitchen machines.

In the old building, there are some small spaces in the corners, so we picked up some spots and place stylish armchairs as decoration to enhance the atmosphere. There are big windows by two sides in the entertainment space, the view is quite relaxing when the sunlight going through the tree leaf into the interior ground. The shutter curtain brings more woody texture to warm up space. TV wall is decorated with brick style wallpaper, trying to bring some LOFT features to compare with all these furniture. Grab your mug, fill coffee, read a book. What a cozy place!










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