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The eco-friendly, playful furniture design with fun and joy.


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the concept.


There are many designers and manufacturers who are devoted to developing plywood furniture. Dining table, shelf, desk, chair, nightstand, cloth hanger, sofa, ottoman, armchair, stool, bench...etc. We can see how potential it will be. That's the reason we also create this experimental project - PlyPlay.

To use plywood, we must choose the high-grade level, otherwise, there might be a problem with toxic, bugs, smell, and strength. Frankly speaking, the better plywood we use, the better quality we will have.

Plywood is an eco-friendly material, widely applied in construction; their natural-looking (maple or birch are common) and the layered edge, which makes them perfect to create Nordic, Scandinavian woodwork. We usually cut with CNC, so that we can control the shape with vector file; very precise, a positive factor for mass production.

We always can make plywood furniture to be "flat-packed", an attractive point to reduce the cost of transportation. Just a wrench and screws, we can make 2D to 3D in a short time.

PlyPlay is a small side table, with a handle for moving. It is cut out of a piece of 60 x 120 cm plywood. No screw needed, and we always can take them apart for a new apartment or office. When it comes to the end of its life circle, we can easily chop it into wood dust, shift it in another form, for example, a MDF board. No waste, no guilty.

It is a funny and interesting project.






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