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To fight against COVID-19, it is important to keep your hands clean, to prevent infection & virus spreading. Not only to protect yourselves, but also to take care your family and friends.

We create this item, to make it possible to put a wall-mount sanitizer dispenser to anyplace, where the clean method is needed. Just a few step, you can assemble our metal dispenser stand components from a flat-packed carton and use it in the entrance of a shop, store, department store, supermarket, museum, library, theater, office, hotel, club, gym, and school.


Dispenser Stand / CP

A metal floor stand, made for wall-mounted sanitizer dispenser; move freely to anyplace you want. Small flat-packing for transportation with style and function.


Sneeze Guard / CVD

To fight against the COVID-19, it is important to block the virus away. This tabletop acrylic transparent shield can be your best protection.

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