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Tissue Box

Sneeze Guard / CVD


“Get in line”, it is the topic for the managers who run a place where always full of people, like movie theater, hotel, museum, theme parks, and shop. We look forward for a well-operating system, and of course, the various types of equipment are important to help.

You can have a belt retractable stand, an umbrella rack, a magazine shelf… etc. Many of these products are designed and made to enhance the user experience. Since the COVID-19 starts at the beginning of 2020, we also need the sanitizer, sanitizer stand, facemask, glove, and sneeze guard. Fight together against the virus!


Sneeze Guard / CVD

Made of high-quality, clear acrylic sheet, our Sneeze Guard is the best protection for shop & store. Consist of cutting parts, it stands firmly on the desk, counter, and table. We also have the leg selection for your choice. For brand owner, you can also custom your logo on it.

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