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Tissue Box



How to create a beautiful house & store? By trendy interior designs? Or creative styles & functions? Yes, they are all important; but we would like to say, people who live & work in the space, will make the really difference.

Here, you can choose the plywood table, with no screws; you will find the aged wood 6-drawer cabinet, you will have the versatile designs made by hand. A eco-friendly fans? Not a problem. We have all kinds of original designs, for living room, bedroom, a showroom, a shop & store, office, or a fitting room. Take a look!



PLYPLAY is just as the name, a wood game with the birch plywood, we are trying to use a piece of plywood extremely efficiently. You will need no tools or screws, just to put them together. You will get a modern, stylish side table with a handle to carry everywhere.

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