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Rotating hotel desk for the delicious food, made for sight-seeing spot hotel.


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the concept.


Some hotel rooms have to imply luxury, while some don't. Whether two celebrities or five celebrities, there are many things that have to be decided separately, but the whole macro or room setting also should be considered and everything must work together.

In this 3-star hotel, which has the best position in KeeLung, a port city in the north of Taiwan, being famous for delicious food and beautiful geographic view, green mountains & blue ocean.

Living in Taiwan for decade, we quite know that visitors going there must be attracted by the famous night market (one of the hottest topic in traveler’s guide). It is simple, we take care of their stomach, everyone is happy.

This time, the room is very small; the space is so small that we must find a way to put more food & beverage. Eventually, we came out with an idea, how about a table with transforming function?

We tested folding hardware & nest table set, none of them are practical solution. Fortunately, we found the rotating plate to meet our expectation. Usually, you will find it in kitchen, but it could be the first time designer use it in a hotel room.

When the traveler needs an extra table, they just turn it out; when they are full and satisfied, just turn it back. This is a very attractive function and everyone loves it!




ホテルの部屋の中には贅沢を意味するものもあれば、そうでないものもあります。 2人の有名人であろうと5人の有名人であろうと、別々に決定しなければならないことがたくさんありますが、マクロ全体または部屋の設定も考慮し、すべてが連携する必要があります。







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