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A project for young couple with kids as a sweet home in Taipei.


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Gray Structure

the concept.


This is our first home project, a small apartment must be designed for the 4-people family. The couple is very successful in their career, working hard every day and hope to have a nice & cozy home to take a deep breath after work.

It was an old building with no elevator until an architect made a decision to reconstruct it with a better way to lift up. At the same time, he refurnished the outer wall with a modern appearance, white & black, glass & metal; we can see his design philosophy there and feel lucky to be able to take the interior part.

Going into the apartment, we found the light is so beautiful indoor, pass through the big windows on the aisle side; an in-air balcony for plant and relax. We can follow our instinct to shape the space with the idea - sun, air, and water.

We don't want to spend too much, since the apartment is in quite a good condition. So our design concept is to keep the space as wide as possible, by putting simple furniture and adding extra storage space, it will be enough. Nevertheless, the couple had the plan to move to a bigger house soon.

Our strategy is to use wood and low-saturation color + wooden texture, to present a simple lifestyle. When they come home, they can forget everything but to have each other only.










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