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Bye-Bye to 2020!

At the beginning of this year, COVID-19, the notorious virus change our life enormously.

The panic feeling is unforgettable, and we must be stronger to face the might-be-revoluting generation in the soon future.


Keep optimistic & do everything to survival

We got a lot of things to get used to, not only to find a NEW NORMAL lifestyle but also to struggle out of the business decline.

Being glad to be live in Taiwan, where people are so in sync, fight together against this disease with an effective strategy - keep the good hygiene habit in our daily life.

Motives for more opportunities in the new era

Everything is different, and we can't go back. FFE+O, have been working hard to discover more business opportunities this year, attempting to develop alternative products and service which can provide better user experience in home and public spaces.


New business

The hand sanitizer dispenser stand.

We design and make this K/D structure stand for those shops and stores, or any other public / commercial spaces.

It provides a budget solution for the customers who wants a universal mounting back panel with a modern-looking and stackable design.

MADE IN TAIWAN, with small production quantity.



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