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FFE+O by Big Fame

Getting close to the end of 2020, we have the new branding called "FFE+O", a strategy to define ourselves - a company provides the best designs for spaces.

Furniture Fixture Equipment and Object

We will focus on creative design and extraordinary function.

By giving the meanings, each of our work must play a key role to bring out the best part of your brand.

We use Godaddy to find a suitable domain, very short, easy to input in your browser.

Hope you will like it and add our website to your favorite list.


As for the logo, we choose a narrow, sans-serif font, hoping to demonstrate modern + chic style for our audience to understand that we are in a shifted direction.

More efficiency, rapid response, smart design, and good taste about the market.

Branding strategy, to shorten the definition about our business, furniture, fixture, equipment and object
FFE+O by Big Fame

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