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Get the D&B certificate!

We understand that doing international business, there is always the risk.

Risk exists, not only for us but also for the abroad buyers.

Although there are so many ways & methods for communication, knowing each other better still can help to avoid fraud & untrusted cooperations.

D&B, is one of the commonest 3rd party, who gives a trusted report about the selected companies about their business, the number of employees, and the basic financial numbers.

It could be the simplest way and an efficient solution for global enterprises; make a decision with fewer doubts.

Today, we are happy to tell you the good news that we also get the D&B certificate!

And our number is 65-740-2814

We think, there is no secret to do business, only trust.

At the beginning of 2021, we have a good start!


Furniture, Fixture, Equipment, and Object

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