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Mission - The review of our internet sales connections...

We are living in a world full of tons of information.

Images, sound, music, video, gif, meme, news... it seems that we can't live without the internet, or to precisely describe the situation, we can't live without our mobiles.

Doing business in Taiwan, we quote understand how important to be discovered when people are surfing the internet. We hope that "FFE+O" could be listed on the top on 1st page of the google search engine. Just to type retail fixtures or customize furniture, and you will find our original designs. It is the topic and a must-do mission for all industries.

Today, I am trying to draw our current internet sales connection map...

Wa-lah! It is a fact that we are living in a complicated world....

It takes a lot of os energy to manage & keep the contents, video, members, and everything about the whole system. We are multifunctional now!

It takes about 1 hour to add all the social media, websites, platforms. channels together.

Thanks for the creative commons, I can find this cute cat face image to express my feeling...

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