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Online 3D viewer, boost sales for e-commerce.

We are happy to live in such a world with so many edge-cutting techniques to support various sales promotions. Especially, the fast speed of information exchange!


Today, we are testing the online 3D viewer platform, by, a well-designed online 3D model uploading, downloading website.

This time, we choose the present every detail of our new designs "LOFTY Bar Stool".

Our Alibaba sales page <-- click here


You will find that the brand-new user experience to review the interested product.

There are so many functions, to provide the astonishing online furniture purchasing experience...

  • Zoom-in & zoom-out

  • Focus on the detail with mouse wheel

  • Rotating the bar stool

  • Leave a comment

  • Make a note

The demo of html-embedded 3D model of "LOFTY-STL-A001"

It is a new age for branding and sales.

FFE+O by Big Fame will evaluate and see if it is good to discover more opportunities then explore the bigger market in every corner around the world.

Our Alibaba sales page <-- click here

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