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The shifted life, the adaptive furniture.

We are happy to introduce our latest collection - FLEXY, a multi-functional furniture design for those who want to create smart & efficient interior space with styles.

Our mission is to combine many kinds of functions on one unit, and we have two designs at this stage:

  • The wall-mounted make-up cabinet

  • The bedroom side table

The wall-mounted make-up cabinet

It s a piece of small size furniture but provides all to fulfill your daily needs, accompanied with high-quality hardware to make sure that the users can have the best experience.

  • The open and supported tabletop

  • Sliding mirror door

  • Down side storage space

  • Height-adjustment shelf for cosmetics

Want to know the price and more information?

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The bedroom side table

We are always thinking about what our life will be like? Especially we quote know that the space is costly in the city. It is not easy to find more space in our small apartment.

Therefore, the only way is to go back to design, to develop the concept to add as many as possible functions in one piece of furniture. As a consequence, we have this one. A side table with drawers, the lift- up tabletop, a 4-caster portable design.

We insist to use the best hardware, making sure the best operation in different scenarios.

Not only for a side table, but you can also work with it by your bed.

  • A lifting working tabletop

  • 2 Drawers

  • 4 Casters as the portable furniture

  • Stylish looking

  • Plenty storage

Have the needs for customization? Size, color, function?

Contact us for more information:


The size

  • The wall-mounted make-up cabinet W600 x D280 x H550 mm Material: Particleboard + wood looking laminate

  • The bedroom side table W600 x D400 x H600 mm Material: Particleboard + wood looking laminate


Furniture, Fixture, Equipment, & Object

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