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Refurnishing an old bar with edge-cutting Japanese LED brand.


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the concept.


Tender Alcohol is an interior design project with one big scale wall side wine display cabinet. This modern bar is owned by a young woman, who has plenty experience to sell alcoholic beverage in Taipei.

The store is located in the middle of Taipei, the competition of night life is really tough. Our customer wants to present the best view of all alcoholic products, which is the biggest part of avenue, so the lighting design is the most important issue for us; with great light, comes with the most beautiful visual effect.

This time, we cooperate KANEKA OLED light panel, which is made specially for museum and antique display, its tender light with blur shadow can reveal the finest details on the objects. The low operating temperature also helps to maintain the environment of display space in a steady status.

There is also a sophisticated characteristic - the extremely thin thickness provides the biggest flexibility to add light in any desired place. Of course, the high performance of OLED and the longer operating time are the advantage. Considering the interior elements, we are trying to keep the design as simple as possible, not too many complex decorations, simply show the best view of wine bottles on shelves, with tempered transparent glass, the light go through each shelf, spreading on the wine bottles and beautiful packages.

The outcome is really inspiring, because the guests and wine are surrendered by very soft light, enjoy the cozy atmosphere.




Tender Alcoholは、1つの大規模な壁側ワインディスプレイキャビネットを備えたインテリアデザインプロジェクトです。このモダンなバーは、台北でアルコール飲料を販売した経験が豊富な若い女性が所有しています。






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