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Set of various wooden hotel room & bathroom, including amenity and desktop.


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the concept.


BIG FAME IND. CORP. is a professional store fixture supplier and a furniture design & make company. we always get requests from our customers to provide more items for space decoration. Sometimes, they want more than that. It means that we must give more functions to make sure the item really has the ability, enhancing the atmosphere.

This one is a mission, given by a Japanese customer. Who wants us to design a complete set of hotel room service equipment with walnut solid wood, like a dustbin, a trash can, a towel throw container, an amenity organizing box, a tissue box, a tissue holder. Knowing that this hotel customer is a 5-star brand, we start to develop stylish products with high-quality imported walnut wood.

For solid wood products, the most important thing is to keep their original surface texture, so that the users can see the beauty of the wood grain, smell it, and touch it to feel it. To meet their needs, just to use solid wood is costly, so we have to use another technique - the plywood for some of the selection, like dustbin and tissue box. And then we apply a very thin walnut veneer on the surface of the plywood.

As a result, it looks also very beautiful the same as the whole product made from solid walnut wood. We are happy to develop new products with our customers because they always have a sense of preference from guests and buyers. No matter what kinds of needs, it always drives us to pursue high standard in product design and make.




BIG FAME IND. CORP.は、専門の店舗備品サプライヤーであり、家具の設計および製造会社です。いつもお客様から空間装飾用のアイテムを増やしてほしいという要望があります。時々、彼らはそれ以上のものを欲しがります。それは、アイテムが本当に能力を持っていることを確認するために、より多くの機能を与えなければならないことを意味し、雰囲気を高めます。





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