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Tissue Box

Headphone Stand / HPS


“TO LIVE, INSTEAD OF TO SURVIVE.” There is a reason for people to buy the paintings, to hang family picture frame on the wall, to plant and water the cactus, or to put a sculpture on the desk in office. The be the unique one, differing from others.

We believe that just a small change can make things different, so we keep developing versatile topics , like houseware, vase, tissue box, food tray, wooden crate, pet furniture, wall-mounted frame, tabletop décor, camping product, outdoor gear, and kids’ toy. By providing a wide range of decorative objects, we live better.


Headphone Stand / HPS

We do headphone stand for many music lovers and brand, we understand how important to provide a good solution for headphone set hanging. These stands are made with acrylic, wood, and metal. The design are more like Nordic, or modern, focusing on the style and function.

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