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We customize the chic, trendy hotel suite furniture: wardrobe, desk, coffee table...etc.


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the concept.


CHEZNOUS is a tiny, 28-room boutique hotel located in the center of Taipei. With the very convenient spot, the travellers always can fulfill their expectation for a wonderful Taiwan traveling. Food, sight-seeing, shopping and the hospitality treatment.

Cooperating with the interior designer, we quite understand how important to make things perfect, and how it matters to tell the meaning of each level in this 6-level building.
3F – Idea / 4F – Notation / 5F – Reason / 6F – Type

Our missions is to create a very unique collection, with a mixed-up of classic and modern styles. A little bit chic, but at the same time, we do our best to keep the cozy ambience in the guestroom.

In this collection, we develop a set of various furniture, #wardrobe, #beverage mini bar, #writing desk, #side table, #bedheaderboard, and #bedframe. Furthermore, we also use different materials in each level.

In this project, we use expanded mesh to be as the primary design element. It upgrade the value of one single piece and also connect other materials together. Mesh + wood, mesh + pipe, mesh + lighting, and mesh + pattern. We will not ne satisfied with just a normal item, but pursuit for products excellence.

Anytime, when you visit CHEZNOUS, you must be enjoy the versatile aesthetics!





3F –アイデア/ 4F –表記/ 5F –理由/ 6F –タイプ






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