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The latest fixture designs of hybrid mixed-up of material & functions.


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the concept.


In our mind, visual merchandising is a business, that you must keep up with the pioneers in this industry. We absolutely need to develop more eye-catching styles, along with competitive price and astonishing functions.

In 2017, our design strategy is to convince our audience that we can present the outstanding visual effect by mixed-up of different materials, wood, metal, acrylic, glass, and marble. Which is also our advantage to coordinate different working processes, a powerful tool to build the unique brand image.

We also want to emphasize how important that to make things “modularized”, which is also a niche point for sales promotion. These flexible add-on components, are very easy to be installed and switched by events. Flat-packing design strategy, make it smaller in packaging, saves more during transportation.

As we know, EuroShop is a the one of the biggest tradeshow festivals for capital goods for the retail industry. Held every three years on the beautiful city, Düsseldorf, Germany. If you want to see the most trendy retail display and shop design, it is the show you must be taking part in. The initiator of the fair is the EHI Retail Institute.

Big Fame IND. CORP. never stop looking for a bigger market, like the European area. Seeking for more energy & taste about the beautiful retail display.








ビッグフェイムIND。 CORP。は、ヨーロッパ地域のようなより大きな市場を探すことを決してやめません。美しい小売ディスプレイについて、より多くのエネルギーと味を求めています。


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